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What is Boys’ Town?

Boys’ Town was founded as a Christian project in 1940 by Reverend Father Hugh Sherlock for the young people in Kingston’s Trench Town community.

Who founded Boys’ Town?

The Government of Jamaica established Boys’ Town under the management of the YMCA in 1940. The recommendation came out of the Moyne Report in 1938. The Governor of Jamaica accepted the report, requested the YMCA to establish the work. The YMCA asked the Methodist Church to second Rev. Hugh Sherlock, author of the Jamaica National Anthem, to be the first Director. Kingston Boys’ Club was established in the Jones Town Baptist Church in 1940 and moved to its current location on lands provided by the KSAC in 1942. There it adopted the name Boys’ Town.

Is Boys’ Town a community itself?

No. Boys’ Town is an institution located in Trench Town, home of many successful sportsmen, businessmen, and artists including famous cricketer Collie Smith, businessman Junior Lincoln, and musician Bob Marley.

Is Boys’ Town only for boys?

No. While Boys’ Town began as a residential care facility for boys, today we offer varied counselling, employment, education and training, youth work, social development and life skills services to young people.

Where are Boys’ Town offices located?

The facility is based in Kingston, Jamaica, with their home ground at 6 Collie Smith Drive, Kingston 12 . It is also the location of the Collie Smith Drive Sporting Complex, which can hold up to 2000 spectators.

Is it only football available at Boys’ Town?

No. Boys’ Town is committed to developing the total citizen through mind, body, and spirit. Through its various offerings, community members can access services in education, sports, culture, and religion.  As far as sports, Boys’ Town offers boxing and cricket in addition to football.

What if I have a question that has not been answered by the Frequently Asked Questions?

Please contact Boys’ Town by phone at Landline: 948-5282 Cell: 361-0027 / 288-0133 or email at boystownjamaica@gmail.com.

What services are offered at Boys’ Town?

Boys’ Town offers a variety of services including Education at the Basic and All Age levels, Vocational Training, Sports, Music and Cultural Activities, Bible Study, Nutrition, and Sunday school.

Who can use Boys’ Town services?

Our services are for available for children, young people and their families across Jamaica.

How is Boys’ Town funded?

Boys’ Town’s primary source of income are derived through donations, corporate partnerships, fundraising activities, trusts and various State and funded projects.

Can I send my son to live at Boys’ Town for awhile?

Boys’ Town’s residential service and school ceased here in 2001 due to changes in social policy anhttp://example2.soon.it/wp-admin/post-new.php?post_type=faqsd a trend to move away from residential care.

I believe Boys’ Town is a Catholic organisation. What if you need help and you’re not Catholic or religious?

Our services are non-denominational and are available to anyone in need.

Do I need a referral to access Boys’ Town services?

No. Everyone is welcome at Boys’ T own.