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Reformed Businessman To Speak To Boys’ Town On Philosophy Of Entrepreneurship

Published in the Jamaica Gleaner :Wednesday | November 11, 2015

Boys town Invitation
Boys town Invitation

Reformed businessman to speak to Boys’ Town on philosophy of entrepreneurship

Bernhard ‘Berny’ Dohrmann, chairman of CEO Space International, is in Jamaica this week to lead a discourse on ‘Cooperative Capitalism: Key to Effective Corporate Social Responsibility’ on Saturday at the Spanish Court Hotel in New Kingston.

Dohrmann, whose company was the #1 ranked entrepreneur educational facility in the world in 2015, has since 2014 been devoting his life to volunteer work to assist nations in rapidly developing their entrepreneur communities changing the world one country at a time.

[CORRECTION] Dohrmann, at age 45, was sentenced to serve 28 months in a federal prison after being  convicted of contempt of court; not fraud and not security violations.

The contempt crime was for $87,000 dollars and no money was taken by Mr. Dohrmann, which was made clear to the jury by the prosecutor when he, [the prosecutor], said the case is unusual because the defendant did not benefit from the “crime”.

After serving his sentence, he emerged with a new determination to focus on becoming and remaining ‘over compliant’.

His signature company, CEO SPACE, has been hailed by participants and publications such as Forbes magazine with terms like “honesty, integrity, transparent”.

Dohrmann now uses his convictions as material for teaching and his company is open and transparent about them. He has emerged as one of the foremost promoters and defenders of strong and detailed regulations and vigorous enforcement by the SEC.

He advises entrepreneurs on their responsibility to comply.

Dohrmann’s story of reform, considered no different from many of the constituents served by Boys’ Town, is the reason his presence has been deemed of significance to the 75th anniversary of the institution.

“Please know that his story of reform is one that should be talked about. It is a story that should be heard as it tells of a person who was convicted of a crime, did his time, and has changed into a man that is now one of the best in the world at what he does,” said Charles Hyatt, a member of the Boys’ Town board.

“He is not asking people to invest their money in stock, he’s asking people to invest their money in themselves. The information he has is information that has helped countless companies grow positively.”

The discourse on ‘cooperative capitalism’, starts at 7 p.m., with doors opening from 6 p.m. The event is free.

Boys Town 75th Anniversary Official logo
Boys Town 75th Anniversary Official logo

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