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Boys’ Town Basic School is no more

That’s because it has been renamed the Cecil Boswell Facey Basic-school, the result of recommendations by the school’s board, which felt the move was an appropriate gesture in honour of the deceased business mogul.

The official renaming took place on the school grounds in Trench Town on November 17.

Maurice Facey, of the Cecil Boswell Facey Foundation and Pan-Jamaican Trust, and son of the deceased Cecil Boswell Facey, attended the ceremony.

“We believe the school will mold upright citizens,” said Facey. “It is expected that the Cecil Boswell Facey Basic School will become a model prototype for future basic schools in Jamaica,” he added.

The basic school currently has a student population of 91 students between the ages of three to five.

Merris Murray, executive director of the Early Childhood Commission, who also addressed the gathering, noted that high quality early childhood care was important in the development of a child into a wholesome citizen. Murray also encouraged parents to instil moral values in their children, and develop good parenting skills.

“Internationally, it is recognised that in order to build human and social capital, it is necessary to have high quality early childhood programme and services,” said Murray.

The school was recently refurbished, and a new two-classroom block added. Funding was provided by the Jamaica Social Investment Fund (JSIF), the Cecil Boswell Facey Foundation, the Pan-Jamaica Trust, the Facey family and members of the Boys’ Town Community. JSIF provided just under $6-million of the $7.3-million funding.

The Boys’ Town Basic School was started by Father Hugh Sherlock in May 1985.

The Cecil Boswell Facey Foundation has been making monetary contributions to the Boys’ Town Basic School for the last 19 years.

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