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Field Trip-Study Tour to Trench Town of Group of 14 Public Sector Managers

Fourteen officials across the Caribbean involved in their Governments’ Social Protection Programmes took a study tour of the Trench Town community. These officials have been doing an online Diploma in Social Protection being piloted in the Caribbean by UWI and the OAS.The purpose of the field trip/ study tour was to expose the group of 14 Public Sector Managers from the Caribbean (Barbados, Dominica, Guyana, Jamaica, St. Lucia, St. Vincent & the Grenadines, Suriname, Trinidad & Tobago) to the Trench Town Model. The sector managers visited the community to share and discuss with the Trench Town Institutions/Individuals Social Protection Strategies and Programmes being implemented in Trench Town. The selected Institutions and Programmes involved in these Strategies and Programmes included Town AIR, Trench Town Community Centre, Culture Yard, Trench Town Reading Centre, JaMIN, and Boys’ Town.

The tour of Boys’ Town included the All-Age school, Father Hugh Sherlock Hall, Sports Complex, and a housing tour. Trevor Spence, Chief Executive Officer of Boys’ Town, gave a presentation on Boys’ Town history and development strategy. Junior Lincoln, a well-known business man in the music industry who grew up in the area, gave a recount of his experience growing up in Trench Town and the influence of the community on Reggae music. Sylvia Banks, the new principal at the All Age School, shared upcoming programmess for this school year as well as facilitated a Q&A on social protection issues in education. Local entrepreneurs also displayed crafts for purchase. Overall, the managers gave positive feedback and Boys’ Town was glad to welcome visitors to learn more about their strong history and programme offerings.

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