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Leader R Readers Project 2015

On behalf of the students at Boys Town All Age School , I’d like to sincerely thank Trench Town For Life for the creation of the Leaders R Readers library project.

The build out was an amazing 7-day journey, with many challenges. However, we are happy that the library is complete!

In September 2015, TTFL traveled to our school in Trench Town, shopped for the materials to build out the library, designed a layout for the library, identified contractors, painted, stocked the library with the 3000 books, set up 4 computers, and finished off the project with the beautiful custom, handmade, decorative, wall hanging.

Special thanks to:

-Omar Davies MP for the community the school is located in for assisting with the termite treatment costs of the building the library is located.

-Lori at Build on Books for the 3000 book donation

-TTFL Advisory Council Member, Lindsey Price for support of the project across the board.

-Rapid Realty Astoria for the 4 computer donation

-The young ladies at GillyMac Designs for the beautiful custom made wall hanging donation.

-The Roy Williams Construction team, for doing the library build out at a fraction of the cost.

-Karl at Budget Hardware for very deep discounts on project materials and supplies.

-Ms. Pryce, our Boys Town teacher who came in on a Sunday and stayed several late nights sorting and categorizing the books in preparation to be shelved in the library.

-Mr. Cousins, and other school security officers for assisting us with anything we needed.

-All parents, students, and faculty who cleaned and helped to make this a success in any way…

This project, with the way everyone came together, is inspiring!

A quick video narrated by Principal Sylvia Banks is below.

Once again, a million thank you to #TrenchTownForLife!

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