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Red Stripe Premier League Season Comes To An End

Author: Delano Campbell

It has only been some days now of the end of the RSPL and easily the worst season in the Red Brigades history. The 2013-2014 Premier league season was one that fans, supporters, and lovers of Boys Town Football Club would quickly want to forget, as the famed Red Brigades struggled throughout the entire season. The team never got a hold of themselves and was left to fight relegation battle which would have meant if they ended up in any of the last two spots of the twelve team league, they would have been demoted back to lower league. The games got harder and fewer and it came to the last game of the season who we had to face arch rivals and neighbours  Arnett Gardens Football Club. Luckily, when only a win was good enough, and as faith would have it, Boys’ Town Football Club won 4-1 which was not only a victory, but prevented the drop to a lower league.

Technical director Andrew Price and the management committee have already started the plans for the next season as the overall operations and structure will look to be upgraded and also major moves will be expected to bring in quality players. The team is currently in the first phase of a three year master plan which should see them returning back to the glory days and possible winning the league.

Boys’ Town Congratulates Andre Dawson Who Was Named Junior Player Of The Year, At The Rspl Awards Ceremony. In Capturing This Award He Follows In The Footstep Of Team Mate Hugh Evans Who Was The Recipient Last Year.

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