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Music has always been a central pillar of Boys’ Town. Since its inception, Boys’ Town attendees could be found singing, listening to many different types of music and, for some years, taking part in the Boys’ Town Texaco Steel Band, led by Irvine Ellis, Alton Ellis’ brother. Junior Lincoln, business man and music publisher says that through radio and gramophone records “Father would expose us to all forms of music: classical, jazz, popular, mento”. Leading names, such as Grenville Campbell and even the great Paul Robeson, would come and sing for them, play the piano, and the violin. It was something they were completely unaccustomed to. Lincoln remembers Barry Reckord playing the cello and holding a weekly music appreciation session in the evenings. “It developed in me an appreciation for classical music which I have had ever since.”

Today, Boys’ Town continues its music tradition through modern methods in partnership with JaMIN studios by providing entry level training in music production, a music studio for recording, and a safe place for youth to gather. Boys’ Town studio is designed to take vulnerable youth off the street, foster their creativity, and provide skills training. This program is aligned with the tenets of the Youth Development Programme by promoting productivity and reducing gang activity.

In addition, Boys’ Town offers an internet radio station that will allow for the Trench Town community to expose its artists to the world as well serve as an avenue for community tourists to connect their families with the local music scene. Trench Town radio station is aimed towards providing conscious reggae music to its listeners.

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